„Try harder. Just believe in yourself, never give up and your dreams will come true.“
Or not.
The narrative of our time is that success can be earned by dedication and hard labour. We tend to overlook the 99 percent, who give everything they have and still never quite make it to the top.
„A Song of an Unknown Actress“ takes a look at the „working class“ of actors in Los Angeles. We dive into the every day livesof five aspiring actresses and experience the emotional rollercoaster of this line of work.
In a melange of audition tapes, documentary scenes and dreamlike sequences the film shows us what it really means to„follow you dreams“.
Every year thousands of young women move to Los Angeles, looking for their opportunity in the movie industry. They drivefrom one audition to the next, reading for bit parts or commercials while working survival jobs on the side.
The lifeline that keeps them busy and hoping is an endless loop of castings, because despite all the hardship every audition is an opportunity and a promise for a better future.
In Los Angeles the dreams and aspirations, the history and the present create a unique form of reality. Everything, evenfailure is blown up to be larger than life. When in 1932 young starlet Peg Entwistle jumped to her death from the top of theHollywood sign she was quickly made into a symbol for the sinister side of the Hollywood dream. Ever since, every aspiringactress has to fight the clichée of being naive and defenceless. From Marilyn Monroe to #metoo, women have always beenseen as being a victim to their situation.
But despite the hardships and the desperation there is an inspiring spirit to be found.
The women portrayed in this film have a surprising sense of realism and a remarkable inner strength that keeps them going.
Nicole Coulon played a small part in LaLaLand, but despite the films worldwide success she still has to pound the pavement.Chloe Farnworth was the Bafta New Face of the year in Los Angeles in 2014 and her career has gained traction ever since.Amanda Markowitz‘ strategy is to broaden her work field. By writing and producing indie films, she manages to create herown lead roles.
Charlie Taylor struggles with coming from a family of Hollywood fame but bit by bit succeeds to find her own place.
And Gina Slattery has fought the battle all the way to the end. Now, living in a homeless shelter with her 2-year old son shehas to realize that her journey is over. In La La Land the character played by Emma Stone manages to succeed in the end.In reality this kind of happy end does not come true for most actresses. They have to draw their happiness from the process, rather than from the end result. 
Peter Göltenboth / Florian Giefer